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The Rebirth of Rock Art Papers

The San Diego Rock Art Association (SDRAA) is pleased to announce the revitalization of the Rock Art Papers series of publications designed to preserve in permanent form the results of research presented at the annual Rock Art Symposia.

Formerly published under the imprint of the San Diego Museum of Man, the last volume was Rock Art Papers Volume 17, which appeared in 2005 as part of the San Diego Museum Papers series. The museum subsequently ceased publication of the Museum Papers series, and, in 2013, decided to discontinue sponsorship of the Rock Art Symposium.

SDRAA assumed sponsorship of the Symposium in 2014, and is dedicating proceeds from your registration fees to the renewed publication of Rock Art Papers. We anticipate one volume of collected papers every other year.

Rock Art Papers Volume 18 was introduced at the Rock Art 2016 Symposium on November 5, 2016. This volume of Rock Art Papers presents the results of research on petroglyphs and pictographs from around the world as presented at the annual Rock Art Symposia held in November of 2014 and 2015. The book contains 15 papers on rock art documentation and interpretation with over 240 illustrations, most in full color.

We are pleased to announce that retail copies of the new book are available at the bargain price of $20 from our distributor, Sunbelt Publications. Also available on

Rock Art Papers, Volume 18

Edited by Ken Hedges

Price: $20, available online at Sunbelt Publications

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