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SDRAA’s 10th Anniversary

Our newly completed 10th Anniversary history by SDRAA Historians
Sandy Zahn and Sherry Mitchell is now available for downloading
in PDF format. To get your copy, follow this link:

SDRAA: the First 10 Years


Information and documents hosted by SDRAA for members and the general public

Indigenous people of the Amazon discover the Vatican's “Chiribiquete”

A perceptive and humorous take on the Amazonian “Sistine Chapel of the Ancients” rock art controversy by Colombian archaeologist and rock art specialist Diego Martínez Celis, reproduced from his post on the ASU rock-art Listserv, February 10, 2021 (PDF)

If you are not familiar with the controversy surrounding Serranía La Lindosa rock art and its promotion by outsiders as the "Sistine Chapel of the Ancients," you can get an excellent introduction by reading "Color Us Skeptical" by Amy Gilreath and Ken Hedges in the Volume 46(4) issue of the ARARA newsletter, La Pintura. The issue is available for free download on the ARARA website.

Rock Art 2021 Symposium Program and Abstracts

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