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Our newly completed 10th Anniversary history by SDRAA Historians
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Watcher of the Winter Sun

A film by Michael Bober (1983)

In the fall of 1980, Dr. E. C. Krupp led his UCLA Extension class to solstice-related rock art sites from Chatsworth to Lompoc, saving the winter solstice itself for a Kumeyaay site on the La Rumorosa plateau in Baja California. On December 20, determined sunwatchers crossed the border at Tecate, drove miles on dirt tracks, and slept in tents or on the ground to await the sunrise. A young filmmaker was given a prominent position as the sun rose and light entered the cave. Watcher of the Winter Sun, completed in 1983, is his 16mm film about the winter solstice phenomenon at La Rumorosa, where ancient rock art of the Kumeyaay people interacts with the winter solstice sunrise. The phenomenon was discovered and observed by Ken Hedges in 1975. The film's narration was written and performed by Dr. E.C. Krupp. Watcher of the Winter Sun was recently digitally restored, and we are pleased to provide a link to the film courtesy of the filmmaker.

Watcher of the Winter Sun on Vimeo

Michael has recently completed Another film about California and Arizona archaeoastronomy that can be viewed at: