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Code of Ethics

1. Rock art visitation and research shall be subject to all local, state, and national antiquities laws, appropriate regulations, and property access requirements.

2. Rock art site visitation, recording, and research shall be non-destructive with regard to the rock art itself and any associated archaeological remains.  Do not touch or apply anything to the rock art.

3. Soil shall not be removed for the purpose of exposing subsurface rock art.  Artifact collection or excavation shall be conducted only when the work is part of a legally constituted excavation project.

4. Recognize the cultural heritage values of rock art and always show respect for rock art and the cultures that created it.  Honor the requests of appropriate Native American or other groups who ask that photos of restricted rock art not be posted or published.

5. Specific locations and directions to rock art sites shall not be posted or published unless the sites are fully known, and open to the public or managed for visitation.