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Links to current rock art news and information that may be of interest to our members
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DStretch: An Essential Tool for your Rock Art Toolbox

If you’re not familiar with DStretch, you need to be. Follow this link to Jon Harman’s website for full information on this essential program for rock art analysis.

Jon Harman has released versions of DStretch for the both Apple and Android phones and tablets. Use your phone or tablet in the field to see faint or invisible rock art images. IDStretch for the iPhone and iPad is available on the Apple Store and AndroidDStretch is available on Google Play. For information:

Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database

This free open-access online bibliographic database is now hosted by the Museum of Northern Arizona. Created and maintained by Leigh Marymor, this invaluable resource now contains over 35,000 citations to the world's rock art literature.  Searches can be by Author, Title, Place keyword, Subject keyword, and ISBN number.

Webcast: The State of Rock Art in North America

Catch the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) recent webcast on “The State of Rock Art in North America,” featuring Dr. Larry Loendorf discussing new information and approaches to rock art research, and Carolyn McClellan (Cherokee Nation), Assistant Director for Programs at the NMAI, discussing “Written in Rock: Collaboration Among Azerbaijani and Pueblo Indian Communities.” It is available at:

Podcast: Decoding pre-historic art with Jean Clottes

An interesting hour-long broadcast from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation featuring Jean Clottes and his history of discovery and interpretation of European Cave Art.

Listen at this link

Download Podcast (54 minutes) here

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