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San Diego Rock Art Association Meeting

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center • 13104 Ipai Waaypuk Trail (formerly Silver Lake Drive) • Poway, CA 92064

4:00 Potluck: Bring food of your choice to share • 5:00 Meeting and Presentations

Meetings are included in your SDRAA Membership. Suggested Donation for Guests is $5.00

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Archaeoacoustics and Rock Art

A Presentation by Steven J. Waller

This presentation considers the importance of sound relative to rock art. Rock art is typically found in echoing environments, and ancient myths preserve cultural perceptions that echoes were considered supernatural. The focus of this talk will be on experimental advances in rock art acoustic studies in the last three years. Results of investigations of echo phenomena at rock art sites in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as Italy, Portugal, and Spain, will be discussed. A recap of the "Archaeoacoustics for Rock Art" session at the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations in Valcamonica, Italy in 2018 will be given, to inform the audience on the latest advancements in the growing field of acoustic archaeology.

Steven J. Waller, Ph.D. (Biochemistry/Biophysics, U. VA 1981) has been conducting research in acoustical archaeology for over 30 years. His Rock Art Acoustics and Stonehenge theories have been featured in Nature, New Scientist, The Wall Street Journal, Archaeology, Discover, the BBC, and a British TV documentary. Steve's research on the relationship between archaeology and auditory illusions, including echoes and rock art, is published in four books that include the term archaeoacoustics in the title. He advocates the preservation of the natural soundscapes of archaeological sites. Steve is Vice President of SDRAA and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Rock Art Research Association.

Show & Tell gives members the opportunity to share brief presentations on rock art topics of their choice. If you have about 20 digital images to share, contact Program Coordinator Steve Freers at

Petroglyphs on the Bishop Tablelands