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SDRAA Program Chair Steve Freers and Webmaster Ken Hedges are pleased to announce our SDRAA in ACTION Newsletter No. 3! Presenting photographs and stories of our members “in action” at rock art sites as an enjoyable way to keep us engaged with our shared interest in rock art as we shelter-in-place, our newest edition is available for download here:


If you enjoy SDRAA in ACTION and feel that it is a valuable resource, you can help us keep it going by contributing your photos. Fun, serious, or anything in between—please share. This effort will succeed only with your participation. SDRAA in ACTION is an occasional publication, the frequency of which will depend on the level of participation by our readers.

We’d all love to see you “in the field” and vicariously share your interests and experiences. To participate, contact Steve Freers at with your information or questions, but use our new Upload Link to submit your photos. We need your largest high-resolution photo files for best reproduction. Any size or quantity of photos can be submitted at this link:

SDRAA in ACTION  Photo Uploads

When emailing Steve, be sure to add your name to the subject line. Also, please add our Newsletter address to your email address book to insure that our messages don't end up in your spam folder!

Download your copy of SDRAA in ACTION  No. 3 here

Download Issue No. 1 here

Download Issue No. 2 here