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Dear SDRAA Members and Friends,

With most of us in isolation due to the coronavirus, the SDRAA Core Committee has launched our new SDRAA in ACTION Newsletter, an enjoyable way to keep us engaged with our shared interest in rock art as we shelter-in-place. The second edition of our Newsletter presenting photographs and stories of our members “in action” at rock art sites has just been issued. For our next issue, we invite you submit your rock art adventure photographs along with a title and short explanatory text. They may be fun, serious, or anything in between.

If you enjoy the SDRAA in Action newsletter and feel that it is a valuable resource, you can help us keep it going by contributing your photos—so please share. This effort will succeed only with your participation. SDRAA in ACTION is an occasional publication, the frequency of which will depend on the level of participation by our readers. Steve Freers has volunteered to design and assemble SDRAA in ACTION, but the photos and text must come from you. Besides, we’d all love to see you “in the field” and vicariously share your interests and experiences.

Please note that we have established a dedicated email address for SDRAA in Action. To reach Steve Freers, address him at (be sure to add your name to the subject line).

Thank you all and stay healthy.

—Greg Erickson, President

Download your copy of SDRAA in ACTION No. 2 here

Issue No. 1 is still available here

To participate, please send your photos and accompanying information to SDRAA Program Coordinator Steve Freers at

Remember to add your name to the subject line “SDRAA Member in Action from: [your name]”

in your e-mail (that helps him a lot). Thank you.

SDRAA in Action